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McKenzie is a pendant light, part of the Posse collection; a system designed around the core ideas of collaboration and play.

The pendant is created to give the customer freedom in tailoring their own expression. The design is centered around a common brass core and allows the client to choose a combination of colors and shapes of the sculpted rings. The choice is between rings already in production or a completely new and personal for the client idea to be developed in the studio. The final object is an expression of both the artist/designer and the customer.

Conceived as a version of children’s stacking toys, Posse is designed to encourage open ended play and collaboration. The design is a juxtaposition of machined metal parts and sculpted sections; the light is built and sculpted entirely by hand in Kalin Asenov’s studio in Savannah, GA USA.

Dimensions: L: 15” | H: 36“ | W: 15” | Variable Suspension   

Materials: brass | manmade clay

Canopy: Ø: 6” | H: 3.5”

Weight: 16 lb.

Bulbs: 7 x candelabra base G-16.5 LED bulbs + 1 E12 LED bulb / Dimmable/ 
Total Lumen Output 2400 


Retail: $6, 200

Lead Time: 8-12 weeks

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